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7/05/2022 9:53 pm  #1

Back in the Day

I find emails in my Spam file that are updates of posts on the local "Next Door" site, I call my digital HOA.
The updates are written as click bait to get you to come to the site and once in awhile I can't resist.
The other day there was one saying three teens stole packages off a porch. Ho Hum not news.
But today it said a picture of them. I couldn't resist. The picture was one frame from a crappy video.
The girl snatcher was too blurry to see her face and the two in the background too far away.
But one thing I'm pretty sure of is if the girl is a teen it's her last year as one, two tops.
Anyway among the condolences, unhelpful tips, and lamenting the decline of civilization was the following.

My thought was that agenda produced the parents who are raising these kids. Hmm
He forgot to say, Get offa my lawn ya whippersnappers!

 Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose.

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