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8/16/2022 9:36 pm  #1

Plate Your Kid

I don't mean like bronze the baby shoes or have a loved one chromed... no no that's sick.
I'm thinking licence plates with their name for the bike, go-cart, book bag, or whatever.
Did you ever walk into a store with your kid and their eyes light up at a display of plates with kids names on them?
But then you remember you named your kid AnJelluh or Fillus, Rodknee or Wilyam so they'd be unique on the net.
OK, those are extreme but I don't remember ever seeing Bruce on of those plates. I'm sure there are plenty of others in the same boat.
Then I saw this outfit that make phony plates for toys. These were for PA but they probably make other states too.
I thought that's cute until I saw the 2½" x 5" size and remembered you can have anything printed (likely letter limit).
So you could get the kid a personalized plate and relieve your naming guilt.   win-win

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