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1/01/2023 3:28 am  #1


The Eastwood company sells tools. They are quality tools, some unique specialty tools, for car and truck restoration. They are a little pricey but great people to deal with who back their stuff completely.
I bought a MIG welder from them and when a friend came over after having an accident he needed a quick weld to keep a taillight in until it could be repaired properly. I ran a cord out for the welder and took a stool to tie the Argon bottle to so it wouldn't tip over.
When I was done I took the welder in and he followed me with the stool leaving the bottle, so when I went out the bottle had tipped and snapped one of the gauges off the regulator.
Took it back to Eastwood, told them I fucked up and could they repair it or sell me a new one.
They gave me a brand new one, no charge.
Because of what they do they are alert to niche markets.

I got a kick out of the pegboard, the 2 ft by 4 ft is $1 more than the 2 ft by 3 ft. 

 Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose.

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