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2/16/2023 8:14 am  #1

Tankity Tankity

They call it a tank in the article but armored car is more like it,
The article in 1939 says 10,000 lbs, AA canon at 120 rounds a minute, 3 machine guns, and 114 mph.
I have a healthy skepticism of the accuracy of the  article. Maybe they were trying to scare Jerry and the Japs.
Maybe the reporter was drunk and just handed the press kit to the typesetter.

Could this be the reason the car companies jumped on tucker when he tried to do cars?

 Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose.

2/16/2023 7:55 pm  #2

Re: Tankity Tankity


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2/16/2023 8:02 pm  #3

Re: Tankity Tankity

Read my signature, that says it all.

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