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8/30/2023 3:55 pm  #126


I seem to be always signed in, so I haven't seen the sign in page in years


4/01/2024 5:11 am  #127


Ibesxbn wrote:

Has anyone else here noticed that if you register on more than one board at boardhost.com, you'll get the option to have a combined post count for the website? You must have registered on multiple boards using the exact same username and email address. You must not have already started a post count on one board before registering on other boards you want the option to include.

It seems that only the Posts (count), Last post (date & time), and Last online (date) information are affected by this option in the user profile.  The Show all posts; also, all Search functions are still only board specific. I guess that makes sense since members on one board probably don't want to have to wade through a user's posts made on other boards to find what they're looking for when during a search.

I suppose this has been more of an FYI thing for those who didn't already know.

Wow, has it been a year already since I registered on a bunch of boardhost.com boards? Time flies. This is just an all-round thank you note for the conversations and thoughtful replies.


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