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6/24/2023 11:26 pm  #1

Advertising and Merchandising is Evolving

The internet more than anything has changed how we buy stuff so advertising has changed too.
Walmart putting whole malls out of business with Chinese cheap and fooling people into assuming they are the lowest price available which is not true. Some is but not everything or even most things.
Amazon has rocked the world. If I need a blivet, where can I get one, which is the best. With all the Malls closing, and SEARS gone it's a crap shoot. Amazon probably has all the major and some small brand blivets, plus you can read the reviews, descriptions, prices, have it delivered and if you're displeased return it locally. I bought a shower curtain with a picture of the baby elephant statue at Disneyland. Picture looked great and so did the curtain... from 12 feet away. My bathroom isn't that big so that's the danger of not buying in person.
Enough babble you know all that except blivets.

I clicked on a click bait link to a Chinese company selling tons of stuff, As I scrolled down the page These three items were positioned so you couldn't see more than one at a time.

First you see a rack for your cordless tools.
Then for $2.05 more they add a shelf for spare batteries.
Then for another 54¢ they add 6 bent wire hooks for hanging wrenches and spacers.
Back in the day they might have made the shelf optional or sold separately, but the 54¢ for wire hooks means another part number, probably a different box, lots of paperwork and inventory space for any retail outlet selling this stuff. Would anyone walk away if the didn't have the one for 54¢ less?

The other thing that puzzled me is this thingy they gave me in the hospital. I wanted to know what it's called, the right name some someone would know what I was talking about. I found out it's called a Reacher, but the pricing on the website puzzled me. You could buy one or a pack of 25 but they were more money each. Six 25 packs were still more for each.

Curiouser and curiouser...

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