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2/02/2021 11:28 am  #1

SF school board erases racist school names

This variety of shit is still on


On January 26, the San Francisco school board announced that dozens of public schools must be renamed. The figures that do not meet the board’s standards include Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, Robert Louis Stevenson, Paul Revere, and Dianne Feinstein. A panel had determined that the 44 schools—more than one-third of the city’s total—were named after figures guilty of being, variously, colonizers; slave owners; exploiters of workers; oppressors of women, children, or queer and transgender people; people connected to human rights or environmental abuses; and espousers of racist beliefs.

they renamed the school named after Abraham Lincoln because racism

and they erased the celebration of California's first woman senator and SF's first woman mayor

this of this next time you hear the whole "first woman X" platitude. it means less than nothing. in fact it's a target. step a wee bit outside your line and you're erased

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2/02/2021 2:18 pm  #2

Re: SF school board erases racist school names

Eh. We're all doomed to erasure eventually anyway. The money they're spending on this right now is bad, I'll fully grant you that. More important things to do. But also, more important things to fight against, you know? I don't care what San Francisco names their schools, and I'm not going to pretend that I was deeply invested in having schools named after Lincoln before reading this story. It feels a little like the political/historical version of "you don't name schools after figures you like; you like the figures you named your schools after."


2/03/2021 9:54 am  #3

Re: SF school board erases racist school names

Silly hippies gonna silly hippie.

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2/03/2021 10:35 am  #4

Re: SF school board erases racist school names

It would not happen if Black Lives Mater. Trayvon Martin clearly demonstrated it.  Problem is that Black lives did not matter.  Making this 'political correctness' is necessary.  That message, that should not have been necessary for 100 years, is now necessary.  Because America has that many racists (also called Trump supporters).


2/03/2021 1:24 pm  #5

Re: SF school board erases racist school names

Today's kids are x1000 more socially conscious than we, or any previous generation, ever were. They were born into a stream of pure data-- nothing escapes them. In the past, we elevated people to the status of hero for being, maybe "not as bad" as others who were a "product of their time" or just explicitly ignored their less-than-heroic qualities. Kids these days are not as stupid and complacent as we were. They are the ones who have to walk into those buildings every day, so if the new naming convention is in line with their values, then good. I'm glad they did it.

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2/03/2021 5:27 pm  #6

Re: SF school board erases racist school names

y'know what never mind, i agree this was a dumb topic to bring up

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3/03/2021 4:55 am  #7

Re: SF school board erases racist school names

I'm sorry you're not happy because the response is not what you wanted, but that's the chance you take when you don't share the script. However is does illustrate how any particular story will be digested differently by different people.

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