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3/24/2022 3:04 pm  #26

Re: Cover v Original: Part 1 - Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer-- it's a very faithful cover. The structure, instrumentation, arrangement and tempo is largely unchanged. The changes are to texture and intensity, which are subjective, e.g. how much more intensity can you generate by playing "harder" at the same tempo?

Very difficult to evaluate the cover without attaching nostalgia while listening. Overall I like the cover and it's very difficult to compete with the original while being faithful to the original. This cover is a love letter to Don Henley. The original remains better, and the cover artist acknowledges this by not finding anything to change.

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3/27/2022 10:40 pm  #27

Re: Cover v Original: Part 1 - Boys of Summer


Be Just And Fear Not

7/02/2022 9:11 pm  #28

Re: Cover v Original: Part 1 - Boys of Summer

Time for a curveball!

Here's the original, much loved, much covered.

As a matter of fact, I love it. I've covered it. Covered it in satire that is.

Hello Covid

Hello Covid, my old friend
You've come to fuck with me again
Because a virus softly floating
Left its bits while I was breathing
And the virus that I inhaled, to my shame,

Still remains
Despite the sound of science

In office halls I walked along
Passing cubes and halls and phones
Wondering why I have that cramp
A little cough and then my hands grew damp
As my mind flashed back to his words and his deep insight

Fauci was right
And spoke the sound of science

I took the test and then I saw
The line appear to my horror
Coughing, sneezing, barely breathing
My future held only quarrantine
People shunning me as you know they damn well should

And no one dared
Distrust the sound of science

"Fool!" said I, "I shoulda known
Science like a teacher shows
Read all of the news that might reach you 
Not just opinions but the research, too"
But my mask, like exhausted resolve fell

And revealed the words of science

Maskless people all parade
'cause on Facebook someone said
Now to the facts we are warming
More belief, and less scorning
At last, we know that "The truth of the research
must be beaten (though its often dull)
into our skulls"

Let's listen to the sound of science

Be Just And Fear Not

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