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bbro wrote:

 It's nice having handy friends :D

indeed... https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons3/wink.png

(bad monster)

Home Base » Adventures of Home Ownership » Yesterday 4:35 pm

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My friend came over today and we tested out the gym - lol.  He said he would be able to help trim the gym flooring.  I think if I tried it with the utility knife, it would slip and I would cut myself or something.

I made UBER progress in the laundry room today.  The only thing left is a 2 inch space on the right that I have to finish.  I'm REALLY happy with this.  I do have to get a new threshold for the door to the left and replace the one to the right (or at least the plastic part), but I think that'll be easy.

AND my friend was able to fix/replace the toilet valve and inner workings in one bathroom, so no more screaming toilet when flushing!!  He's going to replace the other one this week or next weekend.  It's nice having handy friends :D

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I know it's obvious, but JIC, have you checked in with nearby animal rescue shelters and posted pictures in the 'hood. [size=150]V[/size]?

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