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8/27/2022 9:45 pm  #1

Our Old Friends Chickens

"It is a truth universally acknowledged" Chickens have been a companion and foot source of humans like forever.
Then some whippersnappers challenged that premise, like a two year old saying why?
Not taking "Because I said so", as gospel proceeded to check Chicken history.
They found out Chickens of S-E Asia jungles were tempted down from trees with rice about 1500 BC.
They reached Europe about 800 BC, and took another 1000 years to be established in colder Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia and Iceland.
Oldest bones found at 600 sites in 89 countries were at Ban Non Wat, Thailand, from between 1650 BC and 1250 BC.
Makes me wonder if ducks and geese came before chickens?

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