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2/18/2023 9:17 am  #1

Turn off your 24hr cable news

Local news team inadvertently shows why some folks need to unplug.

Humans are super easy to wind up. We should know that about ourselves.

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2/19/2023 12:03 pm  #2

Re: Turn off your 24hr cable news

That is not a news service promoting news.  Too many listen to local gossip. "Local news" that spends hours every night reporting only 15 minutes of news.

Little people are constantly releasing balloons, flying ultralights, and parachuting.  Suddenly the emotional news services are promoting it?  A major difference between what is news and what is gossip.  A classic example of gossip that is widely viewed - and best ignored - never watched.

But then adults, who are only emotional, want hype - not facts.  They also want to see the latest car crash.  And not the report weeks later that say what was the mistake, how could it have been avoided, and what do we do to make the mistake less likely. With graphics and numbers. Those are facts never reported by the local gossip.  Their target - the emotional who need to learn what is logic and what is hype.

US was flying high altitude spy balloons in the 1950s over other countries.  That featured advanced and unknown materials such as glass ropes (now called fiber optics).  When one crashed, the resulting hype was known as Roswell.  People said such materials did not exist.  So it must be aliens.  Hype lives on today - among the emotional.

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