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9/13/2023 12:17 am  #376

Re: The Covid

The CDC has approved the latest COVID vaccine for most people and it should start becoming available this week. it targets the most recent circulating variant of the virus.




9/14/2023 11:48 am  #377

Re: The Covid

Last I looked, the covid rates were still "low", but I know handful of people who have gotten it in the last couple weeks.  They all had very mild symptoms.  They only tested because they had extra tests kicking around.  It seems to be similar to what we use to consider a mild case of the common cold 5 years ago in the before times.

I'll still get the updated shot though.


9/24/2023 1:13 pm  #378

Re: The Covid

Beginning September 25th, you can once again get free COVID tests from the government:


glatt wrote:

...I'll still get the updated shot though.

I've gotten the updated Covid booster along with the flu shot. In my opinion, a good reason to get the COVID booster is that there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to determine who might get long COVID. Even if the most recent circulating variants cause only mild symptoms, I don't want to have symptoms for months or years and will do what I can to avoid it.


9/25/2023 6:26 am  #379

Re: The Covid

I endorse this message.

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9/26/2023 1:26 am  #380

Re: The Covid

Anon wrote:

…there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to determine who might get long COVID. …

They’re still working on a diagnostic test for who even has it.

A long Covid blood test is possible, new research suggests


ore than three years into the pandemic, the millions of people who have suffered from long Covid finally have scientific proof that their condition is real. 
Scientists have found clear differences in the blood of people with long Covid— a key first step in the development of a test to diagnose the illness.

The findings…also offer clues into what could be causing the elusive condition that has perplexed doctors worldwide and left millions with ongoing fatigue, trouble with memory and other debilitating symptoms.…

The activity of immune system cells called T cells and B cells — which help fight off germs — was "irregular" in long Covid patients…One of the strongest findings… was that long Covid patients tended to have significantly lower levels of a hormone called cortisol.A major function of the hormone is to make people feel alert and awake. Low cortisol could help explain why many people with long Covid experience profound fatigue…

The study also found that dormant viruses,, such as the one that causes mononucleosis, Epstein-Barr, come alive again in long Covid patients. It's unclear, however, whether those old viruses are causing symptoms or flagging a problem within the immune system.…

Long Covid affects 1 in 13 U.S. adults, or 7.5%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.…

(ETA: The ratio is 1 in 5 for those who have had Covid.)

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