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7/24/2022 5:46 am  #1

Political Violence Update

Hey this one might just be stupid day drunk violence! Apparently, Zelden's attacker says he was drunk and didn't know who Zelden was. I am noticing as we're out and about more, that some folks who were moderate drinkers before the pandemic are treating their stress and anxiety with alcohol. I used to do that, it never worked for me.

If you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you. - Louis Brandeis

7/25/2022 3:47 pm  #2

Re: Political Violence Update

Drunk guy notices some random dude speaking in public, approaches, "You're done" he declares, confident that any reasonable observer would share his point of view.

This is a remarkable story, now.

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7/26/2022 10:29 am  #3

Re: Political Violence Update

The classic example of an adult who is still a child.


7/26/2022 12:32 pm  #4

Re: Political Violence Update

We're on the timeline where the frequency of instances where a broken watch displays the correct time isn't fixed, bur rather the frequency increases as time passes. In other news, a dead horse was kicked so many times it came back to life just so it could be a drama queen about getting kicked to death, again.

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