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9/04/2022 11:18 pm  #1

Ten Hundred

Some guy put together a list of the Ten Hundred most commonly used words. I haven't been able to find out where he got the information whether it's from books, media print, 4th grade book reports, or what.





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9/05/2022 12:38 pm  #2

Re: Ten Hundred

Assuming it wasn't done multiple times, "some guy" is probably Randall Munroe, of xkcd, for his book Thing Explainer, which explains complicated things using only those words.


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9/08/2022 12:58 am  #3

Re: Ten Hundred

OK, where I found the upgoer5 (which of course I can't remember) there was a link to the program that uses the ten hundred words and a link to the words. I went there and some guys name was on it and it was 10 years old. I was trying to find out how the list was made, from books? From anything published including periodicals? But I couldn't find a clue. Checking just now I see the up goer 5 was 2012 so that jibes with the timeframe.

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9/08/2022 1:51 pm  #4

Re: Ten Hundred

The name was Theo Anderson.

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