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1/01/2023 1:54 am  #1

Is 2023 current enough?

I wonder if people saying there will be a recession next year is a self fulfilling proficiency?
By causing people doubt so they try to pull in their nets, and get conservative with their plans.
The outlook laid out by WAPO





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1/01/2023 9:28 am  #2

Re: Is 2023 current enough?

Gotta find bad news to feed the clicks.

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1/02/2023 11:04 am  #3

Re: Is 2023 current enough?

Certain parts of the economy were booming - but doing less productive things.  Excessively low interest rates partially explain that.  A good recession means everyone suffers somewhat while those less productive operations go through downsizing or bankruptcy.  To eliminate bad management.  Or eliminate that unproductive (unnecessary) business from the market.

Fed admits money was (unfortunately) too loose.  Economics must now fix problems (and some mistakes) that were created four plus years ago.  Such as a massive tax cut for the rich.

Depth of a resulting recession will tell us how much we screwed up four years ago.  Since what we did back then has just begun to appear on today's spread sheets.


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