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11/04/2020 9:04 pm  #1


Not sure where this thread took off from, but it's landed here.

This. Is. My. FAVORITE. Warplane.


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11/05/2020 2:20 am  #2

Re: Aircraft

The problem with the Warthog is it was designer by the Army and the Air Force was incensed that money was being spent on a plane they couldn't dogfight flying saucers with at Mach 78.  They've spared no opportunity to disparage the best damn plane we have for real wars.

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11/05/2020 11:26 am  #3

Re: Aircraft

Every other airplane in the US Air Force is to, in one way or another, support the Warthog.  Since the purpose of the Air Force is to support the only military asset that can win a war.  The ground troop.

American tanks were the world's worst.  Why was Patton such a feared general?  He used airplanes to attack tanks. That is the purpose of the Air Force.  Warthogs were responsible for most all Iraqi armor destruction (more than 50%) in Desert Storm.

Glory hounds refuse to learn that.

One reservist assigned to the Warthog was from the Army.  I asked him why he was doing reserve duty with the warthog.  The look on his face was stunning. He said, "This plane saved my life."

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11/05/2020 8:04 pm  #4

Re: Aircraft

At about 14 minutes into the Warthog vid, the specialist says they started taking some pretty accurate fire from the village, leading to a lot of return fire and the A10 mission.
It has been a while since I heard incoming, but I'm pretty sure there was darn little of it across that stretch of desert.
Anyone here who has heard that sonic snap and found themselves flat on the ground without remembering getting there knows what I am talking about.
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11/09/2020 5:15 am  #5

Re: Aircraft

Built like a tank...


It'll buff out. Probably fully serviceable by the next morning. https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons3/wink.png

Air Force captain lands A-10 with no canopy, no gear


11/09/2020 7:08 am  #6

Re: Aircraft

Tough cookie, that one. A lot of interesting stories at that link.

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2/22/2021 9:40 pm  #7

Re: Aircraft

James Clear wrote:

We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.

these pilots didn't fall far.

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8/11/2022 7:03 pm  #8

Re: Aircraft

Boy does this toy look dead sexy.


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8/12/2022 10:25 am  #9

Re: Aircraft

Landing weight of about 80 tonnes, speed over the fence 135knots, give or take.
What could possibly go wrong?


8/13/2022 12:36 pm  #10

Re: Aircraft

Didn't realize that was that current.  It was on the news last evening.


12/08/2022 9:35 pm  #11


12/09/2022 11:59 am  #12

Re: Aircraft

Wow. Who is the last customer?

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12/09/2022 12:01 pm  #13

Re: Aircraft

Some Airfreight company.

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12/10/2022 10:22 am  #14

Re: Aircraft

The 747 was originally designed as a freighter.  Ironic that the last 747 is also a freighter.

747s have been constructed and redesigned for so many functions including a combination passenger and freighter, a transport for Space Shuttles, military weapons, astronomy platforms, and even private planes for the extravagantly rich.


12/10/2022 4:36 pm  #15

Re: Aircraft

We watched it land at Boeing Field on its first flight from Everett.
It was obviously too big to fly.
I thought it would be easy to find a video of the event but couldn't.


2/16/2023 7:56 am  #16

Re: Aircraft

Did you know an RC model plane flew the Atlantic from Canada to Ireland?
If you're into it you can read the story on the guys website, the address is at the bottom of the picture.

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3/04/2023 2:09 am  #17

Re: Aircraft

Loopy loop F-22...

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