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3/17/2023 1:14 am  #1

Electronicalish Drawing Thingy

I saw this thingy on the web drawing a Batman emblem after 5 passes.
Each pass was erased before the next started
It has a control panel of sorts but was set up for changing parameters.


I really don't know why it wasn't set up to do Batman on the first pass.

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3/17/2023 12:16 pm  #2

Re: Electronicalish Drawing Thingy


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3/17/2023 3:31 pm  #3

Re: Electronicalish Drawing Thingy

Cool. When drawing with a human hand, there are certain curves and directions that your anatomy favors moving in. It's essentially this process of trying to distill the final shape out of a logical sequence of more simple shapes, while also flipping the paper around to get the optimal curve to line up with your hand anatomy.

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