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3/19/2023 2:57 pm  #1


The wonderful possibility that Donald Trump may actually be held accountable for one (the first?) of his thousands of misdeeds is great news.
What strikes me is the difference between his pissing and moaning and the courage and equanimity of Martin Luther King, Jr. when faced with the same things. 


3/19/2023 3:49 pm  #2

Re: Jail

Regardless of the outcome, many are likely to be disappointed in the procedures. Between what the Secret Service will allow and the line that prosecutors can't cross without being charged with election interference, it shouldn't be much of a spectacle. The linked article below details some reasonable expectations.

How a Trump arrest would play out in NY: Yes, he'll be fingerprinted. No, he probably won't be handcuffed. 

Being on his Secret Serrvice detail would be a bummer.


3/20/2023 10:02 am  #3

Re: Jail

Statue of limitations on a felony is typically five years.  What makes this interesting is that he was not in NY.  So that felony limitation does not apply.

NY Attorney General had constantly resisted filing charges.  This indictment is from a grand jury.


3/25/2023 6:17 am  #4

Re: Jail

Both Trump and Daniels being consenting adults had sex. So what, not illegal.
The same two consenting adults (with the help of some intermediaries) entered a contract for him to pay her not to embarrass him when he was running for office. How is this illegal if he paid the intermediary with personal checks?
Sure, he's a scum sucking lowlife who deserves to be roasted in hell. But that's not the job of the court.
That's may be the job of a truly patriotic secret service agent or driver or pilot.

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3/25/2023 10:56 am  #5

Re: Jail

Yeah, I don't care about this even a little. The election interference in Georgia and the party he threw J6 actually matter.

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3/25/2023 11:10 am  #6

Re: Jail

Who but The Donald could ruin a one-night-stand (NOT an affair) with a beautiful blond (always, of course, to be called "porn star")?
I've never read how much he paid her the first time, but I wonder if he got $130,000 worth.
And maybe he got the NDA in the condom wrapper.
And don't forget Ivanka was having a difficult pregnancy at the time.
I say prosecute the scummy chump in NY, then it's on to Georgia and D.C.

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3/25/2023 11:41 am  #7

Re: Jail

The charge is the falsifying of business records, with a possible additional charge related to campaign finance.  The porn star stuff just happens to be the business record falsification they happen to have direct evidence of.  But yes, the real meat is Georgia and DC.

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6/16/2023 11:14 pm  #8

Re: Jail

Diaphone Jim wrote:

I've never read how much he paid her the first time, but I wonder if he got $130,000 worth.

He sure did, it probably helped him get elected and steal millions from us.

 Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose.

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