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5/09/2024 11:11 pm  #1

US Pleasure Boats

Everything from Kayaks to Yachts. Rules for registering them vary from state to state.
I found the exceptions for MN, MI, and IA, but PA and NJ also had asterisks but no information.
I expected Florida to be a biggie along with California and the gulf states.
Turns out Florida is the biggie by far but 2,3 and 4 are upper mid-west... lakes great and small.
CA is 5th, and the gulf state good old boys say "Say wut?... regis-how?" 

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5/10/2024 7:06 am  #2

Re: US Pleasure Boats

DC surprises me, that it's so high.  Must include kayaks and canoes in back yards.  It's a city, and while it has a wharf, there can't be more than 100 boats there.


5/10/2024 7:27 pm  #3

Re: US Pleasure Boats

I wonder if it's people who work in DC, maybe politicians staff, aides, or the politicians themselves registering boats in DC that are actually back home or at a vacation cottage? Might be easier/cheaper dealing in DC where they spend their business hours.

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5/13/2024 9:04 am  #4

Re: US Pleasure Boats

I dug a little bit and according to Google's AI,   "According to DC law, any vessel that is used primarily in the District of Columbia must be registered annually with the DC Boat Registration Office. This includes all watercraft, including canoes, kayaks, sailboats, and powerboats."

The key here is "used primarily in DC"  According to land grants that predate the forming of our country, DC owns the river up to dry land in Virginia, which means that all boats in the marinas in Arlington and Alexandria Virginia are floating in the District of Columbia's waters and must therefore be registered in DC.  That includes a few hundred stored at Daingerfield island in Alexandria Virginia.  When you also count the university boathouses for rowing teams, and two kayak and canoe rental places, that gets you up into the numbers this chart claims.  Plus a small fleet of rental paddle boats for the tourists in the Tidal Basin.


6/15/2024 12:20 am  #5

Re: US Pleasure Boats

Nice work glatt, these generalization lists are full of rabbit holes like that.
DC was created in 1790 on land that had been part of Maryland and Virginia. So they gave up water rights from old land grants along with the land?

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