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10/15/2020 7:10 pm  #1

Pumpkin Time

It's pumpkin time, you do it every year but you're not fooling me.
You're using the poor innocent pumpkins as drug mules.
Moving all those spices to your maw without attracting undue attention.
How many people like the taste of pumpkin, even know the taste of pumpkin?
Poor little abused pumpkin, gutted, burnt inside, left to rot till the snow shovel comes.
edit: again with the fuckin traffic lights, crosswalks, busses, and stairs. Not once each, multiples., Fuck this shit.[/url]

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10/15/2020 7:14 pm  #2

Re: Pumpkin Time

I like neither the taste of pumpkin nor "pumpkin spice"  You people are weird.

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10/15/2020 10:08 pm  #3

Re: Pumpkin Time

When the weather's hot and sticky - that's no time for dunkin' dickie.
But when the frost is on the pumpkin - that's the time for dickie dunkin!

Hey! That's me up there!

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