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10/19/2020 3:27 pm  #1

Lady Sodas

They're mostly 100 calories each and 1-3 carbs.  And they don't taste great.  And at 5.0%abv, you have to drink a LOT to get a buzz on because they're 95% water.

here's a new kind I found that is a little stronger and 0 carbs

not bad tasting.  Not GOOD, but not bad


10/20/2020 2:14 am  #2

Re: Lady Sodas

I see the calories are to 110 and that's probably because the alcohol is kicked up to 5.5% from 5%

edit: not 5.5% it's should be 5.2%. Duh

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10/20/2020 9:52 am  #3

Re: Lady Sodas

My 21 year old daughter prefers those hard seltzer things.  Not sure if it's that brand.  But I think she learned to like them with her college friends back when school was in person.  They seem to be popular with young women.


10/20/2020 11:22 am  #4

Re: Lady Sodas

hence the lady soda moniker.  

White Claw is my goto.  Mango and raspberry are the best tasting....  3 birds are good, and a couple Truly flavors....

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10/20/2020 11:28 am  #5

Re: Lady Sodas

Don't forget your size compared to a 110 lb girl, she can handle a lot less alcohol.

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