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4/06/2021 1:15 am  #26

Re: Food is good, but what are you drinking?

The Peanut is 70 proof and strong flavor, the chocolate is 65 proof and mild flavor.
I was told to buy the PB and the chocolate was in the cut open display box next to the PB instead of over with it's family in their display. I thought they might be lovers and didn't have the heart to break them up. Maybe a hidden camera would find out if they're just friends.


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4/07/2021 4:15 am  #27

Re: Food is good, but what are you drinking?

Ew. Nasty. (And I like peanut butter, chocolate and whiskey. Just not in the same glass!)

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4/07/2021 11:18 pm  #28

Re: Food is good, but what are you drinking?

You want to talk about nasty, the person who recommended the peanut butter mixes it with diet coke.
You know, the liquid that drains off piles of chicken manure. https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons3/unsure.png

 Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose.

4/08/2021 1:02 pm  #29

Re: Food is good, but what are you drinking?

Since I took the 'beetus, I've pretty much given up drinking.  Anything.  One day a week I drink/eat what I want, and don't worry 'bout the 'beetus, but I still don't drink sugary drinks (just the cool refreshing beverages manufactured by AnnheuserBusch). 

Diet Coke is pretty much as Bruce describes it.  I thought I would eventually get used to the diet sodas.


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4/08/2021 8:00 pm  #30

Re: Food is good, but what are you drinking?

Limey wrote:

Together would be good, too.


One of the most delicious, satisfying, fortifying and copied but never duplicated cocktails I ever had the sublime pleasure to experience was a Fogcutter from a restaurant/pub/bar/??? open late in Portland, Oregon.  Twil and I had just finished a whole day of roller derby championship bouts and as we walked back to the hotel, it was COLD  outside, baby.  We sought refuge, sustenance, and fortification.  

We ordered some food, whatev.  And I got a Fogcutter (I don't remember Twil's order, don't @ me).  It was server in a big coffee mug, steaming hot, smelling strongly of strong coffee (this is where I fell in love) then I picked it up in my frostbitten hands (it was below freezing the night we were walking back to the hotel) and that's when I felt the love.  Gawd.

I actually asked the server for the recipe and I stopped on our way home to find the espresso liqueur called for (I can't recall the name now, it's all been filtered and flushed long ago) and hot coffee and ... rum?  Bourbon?  Mine were never as good, could never have been.  But I do like coffee and fortified coffee is even better in the right conditions.

Good call Limey!

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